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3 Key Reasons Why English Fluency Is So Important

Learning a new language can sound difficult. But if someone told you that they were giving you a key that could unlock thousands of opportunities across the world, wouldn’t you take it? The English language is that key, and English fluency is a life skill that can help you turn your dreams into reality.

Think about it, have you ever found yourself visiting a city where no one speaks your language? Maybe you travelled to France, maybe you travelled to South Africa, or maybe you travelled to the next State. While you can’t guarantee that people will speak your native language, you can rest assured that you’ll find someone who speaks English.

Today, English is the most spoken language in the world. It’s not the most spoken language when it comes to those whose first language is English but when you count the people who use English as a second or third language, English becomes the most spoken language in the world. Learning English can help you access a global community where not only your career dreams but your lifestyle aspirations can also come true.

Is the English language commonly spoken across the world?

English is the official language in 53 countries. People whose first language isn’t English can also fluently communicate in the language. In India, many parents make it a point to send their children to English language schools. These children grow up using English as their first language.

This gives them an early advantage in life when it comes to good career opportunities. Most multi-national companies choose to hire employees who can communicate well in English. A mastery over the English language is required if you’re ambitious and want to do well in life.

Today, English is also the language of business. A man from Saudi Arabia can easily communicate with a man from the United States, Australia or the United Kingdom, in English. International businessmen go out of their way to learn English. This is done so that they can directly communicate with their business partners and international collaborators.

If you want to join the bandwagon of success, then mastering the English language is a basic requirement for you.

But there are other serious advantages to learning English. Look at these three reasons behind why you should start taking English language training today:

1) English is the Language of Business

Are you someone whose ambitious and sees themselves at the top of the career ladder someday? Not having English fluency could potentially affect your chances of making it big in the world of business.

The English language is now the global business language. Most powerful business conglomerates use English. Even small businesses in India use English to communicate, even within the country. And this is done out of necessity as people from two States may speak different regional languages.

India is a country with dozens of languages and hundreds of dialects. Here, English and Hindi often act as a way to bridge language barriers within the country. If you took online English training then you’d be able to do business both within India, as well as all over the world.

Remember that online e-commerce portals also require English fluency.

Whether you’re just starting out in your career, or whether you’re looking for a career change, English is a language that will add real value to your list of competencies.

For businesses, spoken English is an absolute must. You should be able to communicate your ideas to your business partners, even if they can’t speak your first language. Since English is a commonly spoken language, they are likely to know it.

2) Access the Internet

The world today has been brought closer than ever before by the internet. More and more Indians are using the internet with every passing year. Many businesses are hiring online, and you can find remote working opportunities as well.

You can use the internet to enjoy entertainment, learn new skills, gain knowledge, and even run a business. One catch, the internet largely speaks English.

If you speak any other language, you’ll be able to find social communities and content online. But the English speaking community is the largest and has the most thriving online presence.

Learning English will enable you to use the internet anyway you like. You can communicate with people from other countries, open doors to new job opportunities and find new social groups online.

The people around you are also likely to be impressed with you if you speak English. This is not just because you speak the language but because of all the opportunities that you have now brought your way. Even learning Spoken English is enough to net you a high paying job.

3) Improve Your Confidence

Mastering the English language will also give you the opportunity to improve your self-confidence. You’ll no longer be restricted to your community alone, but can communicate with people from all over the world.

Aside from business opportunities, you can also travel or relocate to another country with greater ease. Mastering the English language is a necessary life skill in the modern world. Most people speak the English language, and those who don’t, understand the value of mastering it.

Give yourself a professional edge by learning English. You’ll not only be able to communicate your ideas more effectively to people but over time, you’ll also gain the skills to be a fluent English speaker.

English is a language that is commonly associated with abundance. People who speak English get better jobs and lead to more affluent lives. You may have felt as if you were facing a glass ceiling when it came to your career before, but mastering English can change that.

Give yourself a real chance of finding greater success in life by mastering the English language. Gain access to a world where, if you speak English, your chances of career growth are exponentially higher. The English language is a powerful tool for those with high career aspirations, so start today!

3 Key Reasons Why English Fluency Is So Important
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3 Key Reasons Why English Fluency Is So Important
Learning English can help you access a global community, where not only your career dreams but your lifestyle aspirations can come true. English fluency is a life skill that can help you turn your dreams into reality.
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SpeakEng Academy
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