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49 minutes

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In this 49-minute introductory MasterClass, you will discover:

How to avoid the worst English-speaking mistakes

5 things that matter most when speaking fluently

How not to translate in your mind before speaking

Accurate sentence stress and intonation to sound English-proficient

 How lack of English fluency might be holding you back 

 Common ‘Indianisms’ and what to do about them

Pronunciation tips to build your confidence

Our VS4 Methodology™ to significantly improve your spoken English in just 4 months

Meet your hosts

Shweta Jhajharia

Shweta Jhajharia, based in London, is the Founder of SpeakEng. Her purpose is to provide you with a world class English learning opportunity so your English never holds you back in life. 

Shweta is a multi- award-winning business consultant, a serial entrepreneur and investor. Her 60+ awards include CEO Monthly’s Outstanding Business Woman of the Year, Global Best Client Results, Top 30 World Coaching Professionals and the prestigious International Stevie Awards. She has also authored the Amazon best-seller, Sparks: Ideas to Ignite Your Business Growth.
Shweta was Global Marketing Manager with Unilever for over 8 years and holds an MBA from IIM, Bangalore, and Economics (Hons) from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University.

Louise Knopp

Louise Knopp, based in London, is the Director of Studies of SpeakEng Academy. She has taught English for many years working in Asia, mainland Europe and London.

Louise holds the higher level Cambridge DELTA qualification from King’s College, as well as a BA (Hons) in Anthrolopogy from Durham University. She has also worked in teacher training, and has more than 20 years’ experience in the education industry.

In her role as Director of Studies Louise upholds the academic excellence and teaching rigour of the SpeakEng Academy. She brings extensive knowledge of industry-specific communication styles enabling her to guide and lead her team to deliver proven results.

Don't take our word for it - hear from our students

“I have nothing but positive things to say about the training I received. My teacher always managed to keep our sessions engaging without losing sight of the end goal (preparing me for speaking English in a professional setting for future management roles). I definitely feel more confident about my language skills.” 

– Sachin, Engineer, Software Company

“I have English lessons every week. Today I am much more fluent, and I have definitely learned a lot. My teacher is a great coach because I can cover many topics with him: business, culture, negotiation, presentation, communication. This has been one of the best investments in my career progression.”  

– Ashish, Technical Director, Manufacturing Company

“This was an excellent session. I considered my English very good but on attending the Masterclass I realised I was missing out on nuances and was guilty of ‘fossilisation’ errors. I am extremely happy to have started this because as you say there is always the next level.”

– Teena, Assistant Manager, Design Industry

“My humble background has always fuelled my ambition. But my spoken English often made me feel ‘less equal’ in my peer group. When I came across SpeakEng I thought who best to learn spoken English than from a British teacher! It was a no brainer for me. I must say my tutor is the best I ever had. My secret weapon to be the best in life. Thank you.”

– Seema, Ph. D. , Senior Scientific Executive

I have had lessons before from other companies and have not had good results. However, it’s a different story here. The teacher I got is fantastic. He has many years of experience and yet seems so fresh and energetic every time he teaches. The one piece of advice I would give anyone considering language lessons is a good teacher is many times better (and thus better value for money) than an average one.”  

– Kunal, Senior Consultant, IT Solutions

“Thank you so much! I’m ever so pleased with the scores I received in my exams. They were my highest yet! My tutor has been wonderful, which is reflected in the grades I attained. Working with a British teacher feels really cool and gives me a different kind of confidence compared to others. My school teachers definitely notice the idioms and sentence structures that I use.”

– Rushil, Class 10 Student
” Getting the right campus placement, especially one with MNC, can make a big difference. I want to have an edge over others and SpeakEng gives me exactly that. Being a native British speaker, my teacher is extremely competent in the technicalities of the language. The oral side (of lessons) helps me with the practicalities of using my language skills in an effective manner.  The best part is this learning will never go waste.”
– Priyanka , College Student

“My business is international and having confident spoken English helps me secure more clients. The return on my investment in this training has been manifold. And it’s not just that my improved English is making a difference in my young family. My kids frequently comment, ”Dad, your English is so different from others.” I feel confident in guiding them in this life skill which, to me, is truly invaluable.” 

– Ahmed, Entrepreneur
“I have a fantastic teacher.  She goes beyond language training and helps us develop as effective communicators. Classes are varied yet focused … I am given an appropriate amount of homework. I am making progress much more effectively than when I have had lessons in the past … I also really enjoy the lessons. I feel like a global citizen with my British teacher.”  
– Neha, Chartered Accountant

Since 1990, professionals from over 600 companies have chosen us for language courses 

Upgrade your spoken English with this MasterClass

Learn from our unique and proven proprietary VS4 Methodology™ developed by our pedagogy panel and used to train corporate  professionals and ambitious individuals all over the world

to significantly improve English in as little as 4 months.  

Create new career opportunities

Technical skills are seen as the qualifier – they get you in the door, but your ability to communicate and influence others determines the trajectory of your career. Skills like persuasion, leadership and influence rely heavily on your ability to communicate clearly. English proficiency has a significant impact on your access to roles, promotions and growth opportunities.

Build confidence & influence

You can communicate in any language, but fluent English gives you a certain confidence and presence. It makes you more impressive and impactful. There are people who feel shy and get held back in life just because of lack of fluency. English is a global language and speaking in fluent English helps you have confidence and social skills to shine through and achieve what you deserve.

Earn more than your peers

 HR managers around the world report that job seekers with exceptional English earn 30-50% percent higher salaries*. 
The ability to communicate fluently is seen as the differentiating factor between those who ‘fast track’ and those who do not – where all other technical skills are equal. Investing in learning English may be the best investment you ever make in yourself.

What got you here, won't get you there

Recruiters and HR managers around the world report that individuals with exceptional English earned 30-50% higher salaries.
*Source: Harvard Business Review, Countries with Better English Have Better Incomes