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Why Learning Fluent English Is A Super High Return Investment

Globalization has turned the world into a global village. The magic key to being successful in this global village is effective communication. The English language is a near universal medium of communication across the planet.

Having effective communication is a cool superpower to help you out in many situations. Spoken English can be seen as a magic key, that can unlock thousands of doors that were once closed to you.

Yes, indeed English can be your magic key. As you learn to speak English and begin to speak fluent English, you will have gained complete access. You may then be equipped to solve important problems and help other people.


Here is why learning to speak fluent English is an irresistible proposition with a super high return on investment.

  1. English is easy to learn

Contrary to what many people might think, spoken English is super easy to learn especially for Europeans. French and German languages are closely related to English.

English could be found difficult for those whose native language is unrelated to English However, even they would find this language easy with ample resources on the internet for free. You will have access to English sitcoms, cartoons, and movies on Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube. There are hundreds of websites with free access to English language learning materials.

  1. English language users find more job opportunities

Many large companies prefer to employ those with proficient English. The English language also dominates the world online. There are remote workers for many companies, based solely online, who must be proficient in English.

Multinational companies, originating from non-English speaking countries such as Samsung, LG, and other Korean companies also require English language speaking workers, even in their home countries.

Spoken English equips you to face interviews with large international companies. As you learn to speak English, you get the opportunity to expand your opportunities across the globe.

Some industries where spoken English is a huge advantage include travel & tourism and hospitality sectors.

  1. English language enhances your learning

Learning a foreign language enhances your brainpower. In addition, knowledge of English opens the gateway to learn increasingly more things about the world.

You have several options available to attend an English class. You can attend it online, on Skype for example, or you can choose to attend a brick and mortar (physical) class.

With knowledge of English, you can possibly open limitless educational opportunities. You may have an American teaching American history, someone British teaching you English literature, and an Australian teaching you a math class.

This kind of teaching and learning opportunity will expose you to the slang, vocabulary, intonation, body language and culture of diverse English speaking professionals. It will also provide you with an opportunity to learn an interesting subject of your choice.

  1. Travel the world

If you know English, communication will never be a problem in any part of the world. You will find English speakers all over the world.

When you travel to different cultures, you will notice local businesses find English very important, to communicate with potential clients and customers.

No matter which part of the world you are in, there is at least one English speaking worker, often many in hotels. This makes it easy for the hotel to attract global clientele.

You will also encounter small-time business operators in small-town markets speaking to you in English. They could be attempting to sell their merchandise or wanting to improve their spoken English. English language communication skills will make international travel smoother, more engaging and more fun.

  1. Command over the global language

Over the last few centuries, Great Britain and America have wielded economic power. This has resulted in the global prominence of the English language. The English language has spread across the world through several centuries of war, colonialism, trade, and religious missionary activities. No wonder English is spoken everywhere in the world today.

English can be used as a positive power to facilitate harmony, mutual understanding and positive communication. It will help you learn and appreciate global trends, social issues and culture. It will make you sensitive to others and help you with a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives on life. In other words, you will can become integral to the global conversation.

  1. You will be able to date more people

This is surely going to motivate you if nothing else has. Knowledge of the English language will certainly enhance your chances of meeting your potential dream date. There are a lot of dating apps and sites out there that are based in English. You will have access to a larger number of dating platforms and social media sites, where you can meet interesting people who share your likes and dislikes.

You don’t even need to worry if you think your English is not yet perfect. You are already bilingual.

You will surely agree now, that English enhances possibilities and opens up multiple opportunities.

Why Learning Fluent English Is A Super High Return Investment
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Why Learning Fluent English Is A Super High Return Investment
The key to being successful is effective communication and the English language is a near universal medium of communication across the planet.
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