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Tips for English Learners: British vs. American English Cheat Sheet

Thanks to the entertainment industry, most English learners know that there are two main variants of English: American English (AmE) and British English (BrE).   While language learners may have a preference for one or the other, neither variant is right or wrong, and English speakers can understand both variants easily. Nonetheless, there are many[…]

Famous English Quotes

We typically use quotes more than we realise in all areas of our communication. The business, professional and informal settings are all sprinkled with amazing ‘quotables’ that, if used at the right time can add real value to the conversation. Writers, thinkers, leaders, creators and artists are just some of the people who contributed to[…]

How English Became the World’s Number One Language

As globalisation has started to become ubiquitous, cultural diversity and awareness have become increasingly important in the world of business. While confident and competent business English skills are still your best bet when it comes to international business, you will also massively benefit from a nuanced understanding of the local culture and language of the location[…]