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English – An Easy Choice for Language Learners

Over the last two weeks, we have posted a number of great reasons for learning the English language. This week, as a bit of fun, we wanted to bring you some additional reasons, along with some bonus fun facts, which could also prove good reasons to choose English as a second language.

I hope you have enjoyed these posts. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Reason 1:

380 million people count English as their first language so you can take your new-found language skills all around the world, and you will be likely to find someone who will understand you.

Reason 2:

80% of the information stored in the world’s computers is in English. This is an overwhelming majority considering how much information there is stored all over the globe.

Reason 3:

The English language grows all the time. The Oxford Dictionary lists about 500.000 words. English, as a language, is alive and evolving constantly. With more and more people learning the language, there are a lot of new terms and phrases that derive from other cultures being introduced, as well as new informal, slang words.

Fun Bonus Reasons:

The most common letter used in English is E and around¬†one in eight of all letters in written English is an ‘E’.

Now, it might not be as simple as learning one letter and everything else falling into place but you can pretty much guarantee that the letter E will become your new best friend as a learner.

Of course, we are kidding, but what it really comes down to is pronunciation. With English, you will often see the same groups of letters coming up and once you have the pronunciation down for those core letters, it is fairly simple to apply that to new words.


English - An Easy Choice for Language Learners
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English - An Easy Choice for Language Learners
This week we wanted to give you some additional reasons, along with some bonus fun facts, which prove English is an easy choice for learners.
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