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8 Ways Fluency In The English Language Impacts Your Income?

There is a strong correlation between the English language and earning a higher income. English is now recognised as a major global language, especially when it comes to business.

As a language learner, you can gain from your English language skills by getting access to higher-paying jobs, as well as being able to open doors that will allow you to work overseas. A big reason why people choose to learn the English language is to enable themselves to lead better, richer lives.

1) Communicate With a Global Audience

English is one of the most spoken languages in the world. Reaching English fluency makes it possible for you to communicate with millions of people from all around the world.

The English language can improve your prospects of getting a better job by giving you access to thousands of jobs from all over the world.

The internet is a resource where English is the primary language. If you can speak English, you can very seriously communicate with most people around the world.

2) Get More Job Opportunities

Mastering English helps you with professional growth as well. The difference between mastering the English language and having a working knowledge of it, is that a master of the language has the power to communicate whatever they want to say.

Instead of missing out on chances give your input, or falling behind because you couldn’t understand the English instructions, empower yourself with the knowledge you need to succeed.

MNC’s are a popular place to work in India. Here, again, you’ll find that employees are required to speak English. If you want to apply for a job at a multi-national company in India, it’s taken for granted that you know how to communicate in English.

3) Develop a Professional Advantage

Learning the English language can be a game-changer and increase a household’s average income. Just by being able to speak English, your basic income will significantly improve.

Employers take English speakers more seriously in India, especially those English speakers who can express themselves clearly and without an accent.

Research shows there’s a link between fluency in English and a higher per capita income. This means that people who want to find better jobs and earn more money should gravitate towards mastering English.

The reason why learning English brings in higher incomes is relatively simple to understand. As a language, it has more value than a regional Indian language. This value is measured solely in terms of business and income. Since most global businesses operate using English, the knowledge of this language gives you access to the global language of business. The same kind of prosperity and business success that big business powerhouses experience is far greater than regional and local businesses.

By working for a company that can afford to pay more, you earn more and your income increases.

4) English Speakers Earn More Across the World

Research based on Australian multilinguals showed that multilingual who were proficient in English earned a greater salary than those who were poorer at English. From this study based in Australia, the Indian takeaway is that the link between the English language and higher incomes is a global experience.

People across the world are learning the English language in the hopes that it enables them to lead good quality lives. In Asian countries like Japan, governments are encouraging people to master the English language. Nations across the world also realise the relationship between commercial abundance and the English language.

5) Live and Move Abroad

English-speaking countries require you to have English fluency if you want to live and work there. While you aren’t expected to be an English scholar, your spoken English skills will be tested if you want to move abroad.

Even if you’re an international student hoping to study at a reputed international University, knowing English is a must. From the street signs to the packaging, everything you’ll find in an English-speaking country will be in the English language.

You can spot this feature even in India. Urban centres and affluent hotspots tend to have more English signboards, information etc. To be able to live a high-income lifestyle both within India, as well as in an English-speaking country, English fluency is a necessity.

It’s of value here to note that affluent lifestyles are associated with the English language. By mastering English yourself, you come one step closer to that affluent lifestyle yourself.

6) English as the Language of Business

The biggest reasons why the English language is linked to professional growth is because English is considered as the language of business.

History and the story of British colonization can explain the link between the spread of the English language and its rise as the language of commerce. Today, more people speak English across the world than any other language. And this makes the English language the medium through which communities from across the world communicate.

7) Utilize the Power of the Internet

Another factor linked to higher social mobility is the internet. Across India, more and more people are getting access to the internet and learning how to use its many resources. But most of the content on the internet remains in English.

While you’ll find content in many other languages, the English language still dominates online. This means that if you want to find work online, network with other professionals or apply for work you’ll need English fluency.


8) An Official Language in India

Let’s also not forget that the English language is also used for official purposes within India itself. As a country, India is diverse and has twenty two recognised languages. However, the English language and the Hindi language are the two official languages of India. What does this mean? It means that the English language and the Hindi language are used in official government matters. If you want to work for the government, knowing English can help you progress your career.


In the modern world, knowledge is available for free. However, most of these free resources are in the English language. If you gain English fluency, or even Spoken English fluency, you can make use of various online and offline resources to increase your skills and knowledge.

Certified Professional Development, or CPD, is a crucial part of evolving as a business professional. The training and classes for these, along with every other corporate endeavour is always conducted in English.

People around the world already empower themselves using skills they learnt online and offline. Mastering English will place you on the same level as millions of people who live well, earn well, and enjoy their lives every day.

Learning English isn’t hard, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. Online English training can prove beneficial for your learning progress. Master the English language and open doors to higher income and a better lifestyle!

8 Ways Fluency In The English Language Impacts Your Income?
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8 Ways Fluency In The English Language Impacts Your Income?
There is a strong correlation between the English language and earning a higher income. We explore 8 ways it impacts your earnings.
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