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Modern Language Learning Techniques for pupils with learning difficulties

Before we discuss any learning techniques, it is important to understand the learning limitations that we want to overcome. There are several aspects which make learning a new language a difficult and time-consuming task. The first one is short-term memory. It can affect rote learning, copying and note taking. Pupils need to use a repetition technique to fix new[…]

Book Recommendation For Language Learning – Fluent Forever

This week we looked at Fluent Forever – a project that was born as a Masters’ Thesis, turned into a six-month Kickstarter campaign, and is potentially evolving into Gabriel Wyner’s life’s work. With over 1.5 million international readers and multiple high-profile endorsements, it is safe to say that Fluent Forever made noticeable waves among language enthusiasts. One[…]

Learn How to Spell with this Infographic

It’s no secret to anyone: English is one very weird language with a lot of strange exceptions – especially when it comes to spelling. Even first-language speakers of English can struggle with the spelling of certain words – especially those that don’t sound like they’re spelled. However, spelling is still largely used as an indicator[…]

Digital Learning Trends For 2021

With COVID-19 taking a grip over the world, organizations across the globe are forced to rethink how they conduct business, train, and equip their employees to meet the challenges posed by the disruption and business dynamics. How are organizations gearing up for the coming year in upskilling and reskilling their employees? We will look at[…]