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5 Tips for Learning a New Alphabet

Learning a new language can seem a daunting challenge in the workplace, but the business benefits soon add up (and your colleagues will thank you for introducing them to a valuable skill that will enhance their global business reach). However, smiles may fade further if your company starts doing business in a language with a[…]

What Language Do You Think In?

Our thoughts and dreams reveal so much about us – but what influences the language we choose to think in (if indeed it is a conscious choice)? This article looks into the science behind the language of our thoughts, considering how we might make the best strategic use of our second language skills. The Complementarity[…]

Challenging English Grammar

If you are learning a language, it is only a matter of time before the subject of grammar rears its rather forbidding head. To conquer a new language, you ideally need to remember all sorts of grammatical rules and regulations – including ones that make your written and spoken communications as accurate and effective as[…]