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Learn How to Spell with this Infographic

It’s no secret to anyone: English is one very weird language with a lot of strange exceptions – especially when it comes to spelling.

Even first-language speakers of English can struggle with the spelling of certain words – especially those that don’t sound like they’re spelled.

However, spelling is still largely used as an indicator of someone’s capability, skill, and professionalism, and many people are judged based on the calibre of their spelling.

The good news is, you don’t have to memorise absolutely every word in the English language in order to remember how to spell them. This great infographic, built by Hubspot and Market Domination Media, collates some useful techniques for spelling English words.

These are the kinds of tricks that our learners expect, and get, from the experienced teachers we work with to provide our bespoke English language training courses.

Learn How to Spell with this Infographic
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Learn How to Spell with this Infographic
How do you spell "training"? Or, any other word? This infographic shows you how.
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SpeakEng Academy
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